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Clients we serve

We serve federal government, local government, and private sector.

EPIC Ops Solutions services clients in the non-profit, federal government, and academia

Why EPIC Op Solutions for your organizational needs?


We have dedicated consultants that have served in federal government, private, and academic environments, who understand various organizational culture, behaviors and climates.  We are dedicated to delivering efficient solutions that your organization will be able to manage and sustain. 

EPIC Op Solutions Services


Workforce Planning

  • Provides HR Analytics Methods 
    • Gather, Analyze, Report, Plan Solutions Together, and Implement
  • Enhancing Strategic Contributions through the lens of HR consultants and business partners
  • Maximizing Human Capital planning through succession planning and global competency framework
  • Deliver change management  by guiding organizational initiatives through the components of  Strategy, Organization, Motivation, Teamwork, Improvement, and  Measurement

Opportunities and Solutions



EPIC VISIONS delivers two solutions -Project Management and Lean Six Sigma. Our approach is multi-faceted bringing lean quality management methods into project management. We serve federal government, local government, and private sector. We focus our expertise to drive process improvement, sustainability, and longevity in providing the highest quality of professionalism, integrity and success you can measure. 

About Us

Our team

EPIC Visions is a minority woman owned consulting company specializing in  Strategic Workforce Planning Consulting.  Our approach is multi -faceted bringing  technology, education, humane resource management, and quality management management for government, non profit and private sector clients.

We focus our expertise to drive process improvement, sustainability, and longevity in workforce planning. 
We dedicate our services toward: 

  • Open and transparent communication
  • In-depth, cross functional healthcare knowledge
  • Practical and sustainable recommendations

Our history

EPIC Op Solutions serves our clients with the greatest regard of professionalism,  integrity, service, commitment, and community.  We are equipped to   empower our clients with the foundation of vision, innovation,  reliability, diversity based on practical theory and best practices.


Deliver Continuous Transparent Communication and Success you can Measure.

Here at EPIC Op Solutions, we maintain a discipline and rigorous industry best practices that focus on fine tuned details.

Skills and Capabilities

  • Improving Workforce Analytics
  • Process Improvement
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Workforce Strategic Planning


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